Nantucket Rules and Suggestions
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Check-in time is anytime after Sunday at 4:00 pm.
Beach towels are in the closet next to the refrigerator across from the washer and dryer.
There are four beach bikes in the storage under the house.
Keep windows closed during the hot humid months.  Use the A/C. 
The salty, humid air corrodes items very quickly at the beach. 
Use credits cards or dial collect on all long distance calls.
Never use the grill under the house.  Roll the grill out the grassy area in back to use it. 
(City ordinance states a grill should be away from the house and not under cover of the house or deck).
Don’t put shrimp shells in the garbage disposal. Put them in the garbage.
Please replace staples as you use them.
No smoking inside of the house.
No pets, including cats and dogs, allowed inside or outside of the house.
Treat the house as if it is your primary residence and be thoughtful to the other partners.
Relax and have fun.
Checking Out
Checkout time is anytime before 12:00 noon Sunday.
Wash all sheets and towels that you used.
Make beds with second set of sheets and put out clean towels.
The second sets of sheets and towels are stored in each room. The loft linens are in the master bedroom closet.
Fold and store clean sheets and towels as they come out of dryer.
Run dishwasher before you leave.  You can leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher.
Make certain there are back-up supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, bath soap, dishwasher soup, etc) for the next partner arriving.
Any perishables should be removed from the refrigerator prior to leaving.
Each owner is reponsible for the cleanliness of the house. Leave $150 for Barbara Locklear.
Let Barbara know what your arrival and departure plans are. (Barbara Locklear, phone 910-612-6526)
Make sure all doors are locked and fastened when you leave.
Leave deck rocking chairs on their sides to prevent damage to house.
At checkout, please adjust the thermostats to 76 degrees during summer (60 degrees in winter) and turn all fans off and make certain the sterio is turned off.
When you leave, bring the elevator to the upstairs position, turn off light and leave the gate open.